What is Tveeco?

Tveeco (pronounced: Ta-vee-co) is a way for you to quickly find out what shows are new tonight. It is also list of TV premiere dates. Choosing a favorite show in “My Shows” automatically sets alerts so you never miss the return of your favorite show.

We set out to create a simple tool for people who love TV, but hate sitting down to watch a show, only to find out it’s a repeat. It’s easier to plan when we know the future.

What is “My Shows” all about?

My Shows is a list of all the shows Tveeco tracks. You can select your favorites from the list and Tveeco will automatically feature those on the New Tonight section. All new shows are highlighted.

Can Tveeco tell me when my Favorite Show returns?

It sure can. The dates next to all the Shows are for the Premieres. No one wants to miss a premiere or finale of your favorite show. Plus we all hate that nagging question – “When does “BLANK” come back?” So for all the shows you select, Tveeco will automatically send an Alert to your device the day of the Premiere. We hope this just made you smile – because we love this feature too.

What is the Eyeball button all about?

Glad you asked – it is a way for you to track what you watch. Just click the  during or after you’ve watched a show and it will appear “checked off” your list of shows so you always know where you are in a season – or if you’ve missed an episode.

Does the Eyeball have any special powers?

  1. Episode Checklist. Clicking the EYEball during or after you’ve watched a show checks the show off the list in your Episodes section. It basically acts as a checklist of what you’ve watched.
  2. Tweets. The EYEball can also be set up to send out a Tweet when you watch a show. Just register for Tveeco using your Twitter account. Then when you hit the EYEball button it will automatically send that little bird out with a message that you are watching the show to all your followers.

Why isn’t my show on the Show list?

Good question! We track the top shows in network and cable TV, but if we’ve missed your favorite just email us at AddMyShow@Tveeco.com and we’ll add it to the list.

Why is Tveeco only providing info on Primetime?

Simply – that’s when the best shows are on – the ones we talk to friends about the next day. Primetime rules, after all, it’s not like we are hanging out at the water-cooler talking about an “epic” episode of Price is Right. We’re all about what’s best on TV and that’s Primetime.

What’s the Episode Checklist for?

Episodes is your checklist of what you watched … or may have missed. It also includes the on-air dates from the current season. If you click the EYEball when you’ve watched it, the episode will be marked as “watched” so you can keep track of where you are in the Season. If you forgot to click the EYEball, or watched on your DVR you can still mark the show as watched in the Episodes section just by clicking the “add” circle.

What else is on the Episodes Checklist page?

The Episodes section also provides a link to your favorite show’s website and its official Twitter account. A simple place to go to get more info on your favorite shows.

Pilots: …the Next big thing on TV?

Pilots are the opportunity to be first in on the next great show. We have integrated all ‘Pilot’ episodes of new shows into the New Tonight page and highlighted them in royal purple pilot so you know it’s special.

Alerts: Set an Alert for your favorite show Premiere and Finale

Find a Premiere you don’t want to miss? Just choose the show and it automatically sets an Alert. On the date the show airs you will get an Alert on the Tveeco app letting you know – ‘tonight’s the night!’

Will Tveeco make me smarter? Are there added benefits to using Tveeco?

Well, if you downloaded Tveeco you’re a genius. Who else would realize how much brain capacity is freed up by using Tveeco? Share with friends and make the world smarter!