Tveeco is a simple guide for what’s New in Primetime Tonight. Tveeco can feature just your favorite shows, Alert you to Premieres and Finales, and is an Episode Checklist for what you watch. Tveeco has all the vital TV info you want all in one simple App!


  • Click the EyeBox button

    My Shows

    Select your favorite shows and they’ll be featured on the Tveeco home screen – giving you instant access to what’s New Tonight.

  • Your favorite primetime shows

    New Tonight

    TV listings of just your favorite primetime shows – and only when they are new tonight.

  • Set an alert for your favorite shows

    Premieres . Pilots . Finales

    Wondering when your favorite TV show returns? Tveeco is a handy resource for all your primetime Premieres and Finales.

  • Your favorite TV shows

    Episodes Checklist

    Tveeco can track episodes you watched (or missed) with the Episodes Checklist. Simply click the EyeBox button next to the show when you’ve watched and viola it checks the show off your list.


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